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2O South was the collective vision of talented contemporary minds working cohesively to create a visually arresting landmark that would forever inspire minimalistic/contemporary West Indian architecture.  "New York, Art Deco, had the Empire State Building"! Jamaica has 20 South!

The Birth of a Concept!


While on vacation in Singapore one of the founders of 20 South was on the 7th floor of a stunning building. It was such an"INSPIRATION",  that when he came back to Jamaica, the property he was in the process of developing magically transformed! Shortly after, 20 South was envisioned.



20 South has 79 luxurious apartments, each with solid wood kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, porcelain floors and 9 to 10 ft high ceilings. Each unit has stunning aluminum powder coated casement windows, providing panoramic views of Kingston. Tempered glass shower partitions, brushed nickel fittings, and rain showerheads add to the contemporary feel of the building.



We at 20 SOUTH believe in safety first. That is why 20 South is an earthquake resistant building that was built to withstand hurricane winds of 200 mph. What is safety without security! Our added features, two security posts, electronic gate entrance, underground and ground parking and "Smart Card" access for lobby and elevators.











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